First price went to the Choose Your Future startup and the second price went to the Eduten startup. Congratulations to all teams!

Next BusinessUp Acceleration Program will start at Fall 2018 and the application period for that open at June.



1. Eduten will disrupt global K-12 learning by combining scientifically proven Finnish education expertise, gamification and AI.


2.  Flavry the data-driven platform that bridges the gap between restaurant goers and the magnificent flavors to be discovered. Flavry’s solution is a vast, up-to-date database of restaurants and their menus, down to the ingredient level. It can even recommend and order the food you would like to be based on your taste profile.


3. Wallasvaara Engage Oy Audience Engage™ is a highly automated production platform for mobile applications for sports and events. Revolutionary affordability brings it within reach of all operators to enhance revenues by nurturing the fan experience, the customer journey and engagement with brands.


4. Zombie Shopper enables shoppers to find offers locally while gamers play&win new offers to be used, shared or stored in a gamers bank for a possible sale. For retailers it is a new marketing tool and wastage control.


5. Shrivoice enables businesses go global with phone numbers from 76 countries. Our customers have noticed 50-70% reduction in their bills. Our service integrates into web & mobile apps.


6. AsemaApp Web and mobile application for volunteer firefighters or other groups who need instant alarm notification and information who can participate. AsemaApp also offers geographical information of the target.


7. Choose Your Future is helping people to find best places to live and to integrate to their new home cities. Our mobile services enhance these processes resulting in better well-being and reducing costs of various organizations such as universities, cities and companies.


8. Agriwork Finland Vihreä Härkä delivers high content plant protein food products for consumers, catering and food industry, with non gmo, gluten free features. Lower CO2 emissions and better effect to Your health. Together they mean more environmentally friendly way of living.


9. Resimator provides set of tools designed to manage all key process within a modern housing organization. Our ergonomic solution will always make landlord-tenant relationship harmonious; creating the best ecosystem to deal with the housing-related problems. We are providing an opportunity for everyone to be the smart resident of the smart house.

10. Jokojo We inspire, educate and captivate. Spacedive is a media platform that will allow the streamlined creation of magical and captivating interior and exterior spatial experiences in cities and beyond. We aim to bring the platform to artists, architects, city developers and content creators around the world. Dive in!