SparkUp is a startup community where Turku Science Park Ltd, student based entrepreneurship society Boost Turku and Creative Venture Creve have brought together their know-how and services for startups and entrepreneur-minded persons in Turku region. SparkUp is facilitated by Turku Science Park Ltd.

Our idea is to provide a path from idea to teaming up, starting a business, and growing internationally – so if you are just dreaming big, have a startup or an established company (new or old) we are there for you! We want to offer you a community space where ideas and people can get together and networking is easy.

SparkUp is located at the heart of Turku Science Park in ElectroCity and offers almost 800 m², 9 offices for teams, a big event space, cafeteria, and 3 meeting rooms – plus a free open office space and two open meeting rooms which do not require booking (first come, first served!) at upstairs. Our doors are open from 8.30–16.30 every day and there are also many evening events.

When and where to join in?



If you are thinking about StartingUp

StartingUp is a series of workshops which focus on the teaming and developing your business idea. It is designed for people who are interested in entrepreneurship. If you are dreaming of your own business, StartingUp will give you the ideal tools to begin!

If you are looking for TeamingUp

They say that starting a business with someone is like getting married. Except you will spend more time with your business partner than with your spouse. True or not, TeamingUp will help you to find a perfect team around you.

If you are ready to get your BusinessUp

BusinessUp is a programme which gives your business idea the keys to reach for serious growth. If you already have a team and the idea, BusinessUp is for you. Over a period of ten weeks specialists, mentors and consultants will go through your marketing, productization, business plan and all the other important sectors of your business. This will help you to find your way to success.

If you are ready for LevelUp

Are you planning to go global? Or thinking about patenting your ideas or developing new international products?

SparkUp’s LevelUp services will help you to find the right partners and networks!

From StartingUp to BusinessUp our services are free of charge and open to everyone. Some of the LevelUp services may involve a charge.